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Hello Hooman!

We fulfill local and international wholesale and bulk orders on all our products with a high degree of customisation. We offer wholesale pricing for hoomans seeking to purchase over 10 items of any particular design. The designs can be the ones on our store as well as your own custom designs. We take wholesale orders for –

  1. Your Personal Use: For an event, a local activist group, a company, gifting or for any other reason!
  2. Your Retail/Online/Pop-up Store: For resale. We only work with retail/online stores that meet our criteria and are suitable partners for our brand and it’s products.

Whichever your purpose, we would love to work with you in putting together an order that fits your needs! International shipping is charged extra. Free Shipping for all orders anywhere in India. Please fill out the form below for us to take a look at your store. If and once approved, we’ll send you an e-mail requesting you for more information regarding your order.

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