Causewear Merchandising Partnership

Hello Hooman!

Hoomanwear’s “Causewear Merchandise Partnership” is for brands (personal brands too) and NGOs that are out there to make an impact. It’s designed for conscious brands and NGOs to uniquely engage with their audiences for creating awareness and contributing real value towards causes they stand for.

This win-win partnership empowers you to use sustainable fashion for generating funds for your organisation and creating awareness for your cause – completely independent of all the operations involved in the same! We do all the work – really.

What the partnership offers your Brand or NGO:

  1. Your own customised collection page (Check out “Brand Merch” in our Menu) on our premium international online store for customers anywhere in the world to choose from a range of your brand causewear in multiple colours and sizes.
  2. Complete photoshoot for all your designs in several colour and product variations to generate product images for the online store and your own use.
  3. End-to-end online product management, payment capture, order fulfilment, delivery logistics and customer service for all merchandise purchased from your collection on the Hoomanwear online store by any customer.
  4. Advantage of our truly one-of-a-kind “Customisable Vibes” feature, available for you to use for your collection.
  5. Discounts on bulk orders for purchases made by you from your designs for your own use.
  6. A share of revenue of your merchandise sold through our online store.
  7. Hassle-free and no-questions-asked termination of partnership at any point of time while retaining exclusive ownership and rights to the use of your designs.
  8. International Shipping. Free shipping anywhere in India for all orders placed on our online store for your merchandise.
  9. A lot of love and ideas from the Hoomanwear team and the value of its uniqueness!

What we look for in brands and NGOs we like to Partner with:

  1. A foundational purpose that involves meaningful contribution to an identified social or environmental cause, in a manner that is aligned with our purpose of elevating collective consciousness.
  2. High-value actions that create conscious communities, while taking a stand for a cause – through good thoughts, words and deeds.
  3. Uniqueness and creativity in its activities, offerings and brand communication.
  4. A growing or strong online website and/or social media presence and online/offline audience engagement.
  5. Love, trust, transparency, inclusivity and open-mindedness.

We’re really looking forward to disrupting the Brand Apparel Merchandising space with our unique ‘Causewear’ brand positioning along with an end-to-end managed online setup, affordable bulk pricing, high quality products while most importantly, being a sustainable brand and business.

If you believe that your brand or NGO fulfills our criteria, you can apply to be a partner by filling the form below. We will approach you once we go through your submission and share further details with you.

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