Supported Non-Profits

Peepal Farm

Peepal Farm is a stray animal rescue, a vegan organic farm, and a low impact farmstay located in Himachal Pradesh, India. It is a home to many animals. They are dedicated to alleviating animal suffering and eradicating the human behaviors that cause it. It is a project by Animal Rights International. Funds raised from Hoomanwear’s Rise Of The Vegans Collection go towards Peepal Farm for its animal rescue activities.

We The Free C.I.C.

We The Free is a C.I.C. based in The UK. It is a global community focused on defending animals through street and online advocacy. We focus on positive and inclusive community-building alongside data and analytics to effectively expose violence against animals and cultivate a vegan world.


Based in Uttarakhand, India – Alaap works at the intersection of forest degradation and poverty. They create forests, and through that, create income opportunities for people. Their goal is to go beyond forest creation, and ensure that forests and people can grow together, and not at the cost of each other. Funds raised from The Shooting Star Collection go towards creating native forests using the Miyawaki method.

Ahimsa Parmo Dharma Group

Based in Mumbai, India – Ahimsa Parmo Dharma Group was founded in 2015 to create awareness about the principles of ‘ahimsa’ in everyday life. The group has come together with the single vision of practicing and preaching non-violence in thought, deed and action. The Ahimsa Festival is the annual vegan festival organized by APDG with an aim to spreading the fragrance of peace and love through simple lifestyle choices. Funds raised from Ahimsa Collection go towards organising the festival and other awareness activities.

The YP Foundation

Based in New Delhi, India, The YP Foundation is a youth-led organisation that supports and develops youth leadership to advance rights of young women, girls and other marginalised youth, in the areas of health, governance, and education. They have set up a progressive curriculum to teach young people about gender equality, sexual diversity and consent. The Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) programme runs across India and consists of 14 classes for 12- to 20-year-olds, which include role play, art and games. Funds raised from Hoomanwear’s Consent? Consent. Collection go towards conducting CSE training for the youth!

One Earth Social Initiative

One Earth Social Initiative (OESI) is a nonprofit working towards raising awareness about Climate Change and Environmental Crisis, based in West Bengal. It conducts awareness workshops and various other activities for educational institutions and corporates. Funds raised from the One Earth Collection go towards providing composting kits, seed bombs, “Fight Climate Change With Diet Change” planner kits, tree plantation drives, clean-up drives and participation certificates!

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