Giving Forward

We contribute.

We give forward 15% of our profits to incredible NGOs. Every collection we design empowers a cause and raises funds for a NGO associated to that socio-environmental cause. And it’s YOU who makes this possible.

Impact really matters to us.

We don’t believe in only creating awareness. Real action creates real impact. And as we grow to be a larger community of hoomans, we believe we must give forward to those who take real action. That is why we pledged to give forward a part of our profits to NGOs from day 1.

We design for a difference.

The Rise Of The Vegans Collection raises funds for an amazing and committed Animal Rescue Organisation in India- Peepal Farm. It is a stray animal rescue, a vegan organic farm, and a low impact farmstay. It is a home to many animals. Help raise funds for them by getting yourself some Hoomanwear!

Knock knock. Hoo's there?

Btw, we ship all over the world. And for free anywhere in India!

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