Customised Orders

Hello Hooman!

We fulfill custom orders too! Whether it’s a gift for someone or just self-love, we are excited to take on a special request!

Want one with your custom design printed on it? Want a Hoomanwear design on a colour not shown on our store? Prints on the front AND back? Need it much faster than usual?

Terms & Conditions:

  1. All special requests will be chargeable. Total cost will be shared with you after receiving complete request.
  2. For “Custom Designs”, we only do simple text-based designs. We charge an extra amount of Rs. 500 for a custom design.
  3. 100% advance payment needs to be made for you to confirm your order.
  4. International shipping is charged extra. Free Shipping for all orders anywhere in India.
  5. We may not always be able to fulfill your request – in part or in full.

Whatever your requirements, we would love to work with you in putting together an order that fits your needs! Please fill out the form below for us to understand your request. If it’s possible for us, we’ll send you an e-mail requesting you for more information regarding your order.

If this is urgent, and you’re worried we won’t check our email soon enough, just DM us on Instagram @hoomanwear and we’ll be sure to reach out asap!

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