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Animal Liberation - Crop Top photo review
Hetvi Vora
Bought the bold vibe crop top and absolutely love it!! The material's nice on my skin, the zero plastic packaging is super cool and I love the way it fits me! Totally coming back for more!!
Musafir - Unisex Hoodie photo review
Love the ethos and love my hoodie! Packaged beautifully using plastic free materials. We are all travellers in this world.
Una Vida - Women's T-Shirt photo review
bhavya vatrapu
I liked the product even before opening it! The packing is minimal and eco-friendly. It amazing to see Brands like this take responsibility to make plastic-free packaging! The T-shirt is soft and fits perfectly. I loved this shirt! Very comfortable, minimalist and smart! I am gonna wear it for my birthday this month-end. Can't wait! Way to go Hooman wear! Cheers to you 🙂
One Purpose - Women's T-Shirt photo review
Zarna Dhruv
One of the rare few t-shirts that fits me so well and naturally. It's really soft and love the print quality! Can't believe it was shipped from India to USA in zero plastic - did not expect that! Love it!
Lettuce Eat In Peas - Men's Full Sleeve photo review
Jas Haria
The packaging is absolutely amazing and eco friendly. The T-shirt fits perfectly and the design is cute and sharp, not pixalated. It feels nice to wear both physically and mentally!
Una Vida - Women's T-Shirt photo review
Bharti Shah
Love, love, love the packaging and the concept of causewear! Really unique brand that doesn't compromise on either, quality and sustainability! Super soft and comfortable t-shirt with a beautiful print. Love it and will get more soon!
Ragini Kashyap
Love the concept of donating to a cause while investing in these super comfy tshirts. These are made of excellent material and have a perfect fit. This t-shirt carrying such great prints that i totally relate to is my best purchase to start 2020 with!
Just A Girl Who Travels - Unisex Hoodie photo review
Neeti Sharma
My experience with Hoomanwear has been amazing, especially the support from customer care. The Hoodie and T-shirts I ordered fit perfectly and perfectly capture my relationship with travel. I don't take a flight without that hoodie now, it's a lifesaver!
Madhuri G
The hoodie and the packing both are amazing. Best part is that it is all eco friendly.
Really appreciate the effort.
Jhansi Sneha
Guilt free shopping. The quality of the product is very good and the design's cool.
Each purchase assures that the profit goes to a cause they are endorsing.
So, win-win-win. For hoomanwear, for the customer and for the planet.
Veggies Don't Mind - Men's Full Sleeve photo review
Padmini Polisetty
The text is really my favorite, and the cloth is comfortable and cozy.
Musafir - Women's T-Shirt photo review
Padmini Polisetty
I sincerely appreciate the idea behind this, and wanna be a part of this. Well, the clothes is soo comphy and great,i absolutely love it.
Surraiya Rahman
I made this purchase to support Shivya’s cause. Quite impressed with the packaging. Experience have been good so far. The quality of the product is good. Please keep it up.
loved the fabric and print
loved the hoodie
Rise Of The Vegans Original - Crop Top photo review
Aditi Bhat
Loved the fitting! The team was very friendly and prompt when it comes to delivery. Also loved the ecofriendly packaging! 🙂
Rise Of The Vegans Original - Men's T-Shirt photo review
Nitin Baranwal
The quality and minimal design of this product is excellent, and the thought behind having a low waste biodegradable material wins my heart ???‍♀️
So I bought this in minimal vibe, later noticed the cool one and I like that style-written print even more! The cotton is cudly soft, does not shrink and the fit is perfect. You can go a couple of sizes up if you want a relaxxxxed fit. And yes, the golden yellow is golden! It feels so good to buy from a conscientious brand - no plastic, no guilt and super awesome quality stuff to show off 🙂
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