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Surraiya Rahman
I made this purchase to support Shivya’s cause. Quite impressed with the packaging. Experience have been good so far. The quality of the product is good. Please keep it up.
loved the fabric and print
loved the hoodie
Rise Of The Vegans Original - Crop Top photo review
Aditi Bhat
Loved the fitting! The team was very friendly and prompt when it comes to delivery. Also loved the ecofriendly packaging! 🙂
Rise Of The Vegans Original - Men's T-Shirt photo review
Nitin Baranwal
The quality and minimal design of this product is excellent, and the thought behind having a low waste biodegradable material wins my heart ???‍♀️
So I bought this in minimal vibe, later noticed the cool one and I like that style-written print even more! The cotton is cudly soft, does not shrink and the fit is perfect. You can go a couple of sizes up if you want a relaxxxxed fit. And yes, the golden yellow is golden! It feels so good to buy from a conscientious brand - no plastic, no guilt and super awesome quality stuff to show off 🙂
One Purpose - Women's T-Shirt photo review
Avadhi Dhruv
The entire experience from ordering on this website to delivery was super smooth and I absolutely love my t-shirt!! The color, quality, style, design, material, and message - all are amazing! The packaging was sustainable and totally environmentally friendly, which was a plus for me. I love HoomanWear brand and am happy with my purchase! I'll be back for more. :))
Vegan - Women's T-Shirt photo review
Stuti Parekh
Absolutely loved the t-shirt!
Very neat print, soft material and perfect fit.
Especially liked the paper packaging (including the paper tape!) 🙂
Animal Liberation - Crop Top photo review
Aashita Verma
Cool, comfortable and most importantly, it takes stand for the animals in a unique way!

Rise Of The Vegans Original - Men's T-Shirt photo review
Harshil Vora
I'm not just in love with the kickass quality. This design is powerful - so many people have asked me what "Vegan" means and it's a lot more common to see people checking out my t-shirt!
Anuja Vora
The website experience is as smooth as an avocado spread! And the hoodie feels so good, it’s like the best cuddle!
Animal Liberation - Women's T-Shirt photo review
Garima Bharucha
After one hour of intense workout, still this t-shirt feels so easy on skin! Absolutely loved the fabric and the theme! Very comfortable fit and this fabric lets your skin breathe! Perfect for your regular wear or if you are a fitness freak, like me!! @hoomanwear
Animal Liberation - Men's T-Shirt photo review
Roshan Shah
I feel glad that I get to know about the consequences of suffering and destructions on time. Hoomanwear have encourage me more to stay tuned and participate against unwilling death of animals. Well I am not promoting the t-shirts here though the quality of the product provided by hoomanwear is damn awesome and environment healthy, the main agenda is to aware the people who are unconscious about the story behind the suffering, cruelty and murder. Wearing this tshirt I don\'t have to explain every person about the animals rights. In fact people reading the slogans they shows interest to ask and hence this tshirt provides me strength and ability to explain my intent towards veganism. Being Vegan is Easy. We will change the world. Choose Compassion ❣️ Thankyou Hoomanwear for your fabulous step.
Rise Of The Vegans Original - Men's T-Shirt photo review
Nayan Rawal
Are you looking for an "S"?
Long gone! Start looking for a "V"
Coz vegan bitch!
Kickass T-shirt!
Vegan - Men's T-Shirt photo review
Kush Ashwani
Got new T-shirts from @hoomanwear. Absolutely love them! Part of their proceeds even go to charity! Not to mention they were sent in completely eco safe packaging.
Rise Of The Vegans Original - Men's Full Sleeve photo review
Sanjay Shrivastava
Run. The vegans are coming. They ship from India to worldwide by the way. Thanks for the amazing delivery speed.
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