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Dairy-Free Hooman - Women's T-Shirt photo review
Swati Rathore
Go for it!
Received the T-shirt in a box with no trace of plastic whatsoever. The t-shirt feels amazing. It feels so comfortable on the skin and fits just perfectly.
In love the amazing design and colour of course. . . .
Musafir - Men's T-Shirt photo review
Sunil Kumar
The packing was excellent. Good material and very comfortable to wear. It has again ignited the traveller inside me.. Happy, by purchasing this I have contributed to a good cause.
Ahimsa Original - Men's T-Shirt photo review
Sandeep Gandhi
Musafir - Unisex Hoodie photo review
Nainesh Sheth
Just loved the packaging this came in, even the biodegradable starch cover! So cool! And the fabric feels really soft and premium - and can barely feel the print on top. It's not thick and hard like usual printed stuff. Love it! I love travelling and this Hoodie expresses it perfectly for me. But I guess what I'm really happy about is that a part of my purchase is going to a non-profit that creates forests! Definitely buying more and gifting these to more of my friends soon!
Animal Liberation - Men's T-Shirt photo review
Aeon Agapakis
Wearing the "animal liberation" hoomanwear t-shirt, makes me feel as an even more active advocate for the animal rights cause. Besides the profound message and the original and innovative conception of Hoomanwear, I truly appreciated the water soluble packaging and recycled paper delivery box. Lastly, both the minimal design and the soft and breathable material have instantly turned this into my all time favorite t-shirt!
No Means No - Men's Full Sleeve photo review
Maheshwar Khetan
Raising your voice for justice movements and wearing them too, it feels great - I must admit. Do it while supporting your local social enterprise, Hoomanwear! Loved the HW's Impact and 'wh' questions section!!
Rise Of The Vegans Original - Men's T-Shirt photo review
Bhupesh Shah
I love the quality of tee shirts and the hood you make but the best part is the messages on them. It travels a long way and attest a spark is created in a person towards a healthy lifestyle. Thanks a lot for everything. I also love your concept of donating a part of your profit for social cause. You have a heart of Gold. Thanks for everything you do for them. I also love the way you pack your online orders as it has zero% wastage. And everything can be reused or recycled easily. Thanks for being aware and taking care of mother nature. I wish to offer all my gratitude and appreciation to you for everything you do for me and for everybody. I wish Hoomanwear should spread its wings all over the world and you reach to millions of people through your products. I wish you get all the happiness and success in life.
Musafir - Women's T-Shirt photo review
Vrinda Khanna
The shirt arrived in a biodegradable plastic-free packet in a pizza box. The material is soft and comfortable, washes well and feel great. Proceeds go to a local community in Uttarakhand for its reforestation initiative. A satisfying purchase - I cannot recommend it more!
Lettuce Eat In Peas - Women's T-Shirt photo review
Akshita Kukreja
I love the punny quote and the graphics, and the colour is icing on the cake! The t-shirt is really cute. And I love the fact that you guys donate to causes too! Really appreciate it. And it really suits Athena too!
Loved the quality of the T-shirt! Think it makes a wonderful gift too

Of course the quote makes people smile and me too!
Ahimsa Original - Women's T-Shirt photo review
Deepali Sengupta
loved the fit. rare to find a t-shirt that fits me so well. not too tight not too loose! if you looking for some really cool tees and hoodies this site is the best pick. Hoomanwear designs specially the travel and vegan ones are so amazing. They use vegan and environment friendly ink for the prints. The best thing is they are themselves such amazing hoomans. So genuine and hard working people. They even customise the tees if you want anything specific. The fabric and styling is superb too. A percentage of the profit goes to a NGO for a cause. Isn't that amazing? Definitely getting more now!!
Una Vida - Women's T-Shirt photo review
Neeti Sharma
My experience with Hoomanwear has been amazing, especially the support from customer care. The Hoodie and T-shirts I ordered fit perfectly and perfectly capture my relationship with travel. I don't take a flight without that hoodie now, it's a lifesaver!
Animal Liberation - Unisex Hoodie photo review
Gunwanth Theegala
This is the best hoodie I've ever had, the cotton fleece is just awesome and they are a causewear brand which is just amazing. Loved the packaging that came along with the hoodie. My mom uses that bag that came with the hoodie for her yoga classes everyday!! Thank You Hoomanwear.
Saroj Choudhury
Received the package in a cotton tote bag!
Superb packing. Very nice material. Amazing designs.
May you reach heights! Wish you All The Best!
Just A Girl Who Travels - Unisex Hoodie photo review
Jahnavi J
Finally found the perfecf travel hoodie. ? . Absolutely love the design and wore it during the whole trip. It's perfect for the cold winters , a quirky companion for my solo travels and of course the pics are just outstanding.
Khushali Kapadia
wow! the concept is so beautiful! never knew that hooman meant a good-natured human being! love the designs too, especially this one. so glad i bought two from you guys!
Pearl Misquita
Musafir - Men's T-Shirt photo review
Janeel Shah
Amazing product. Great quality. I am 5'8" and bought L size. The fit was perfect! Loved the eco-friendly packaging, glad to see zero plastic! Love that you donate part of your profits. Will buy more.
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