Our Story

We launched on 31st January 2019, so we’re still just taking baby steps. We believe that meaningful fashion transcends the individual and unites hoomans for a cause. Since this brand has been entirely setup by our founder, we want you to hear the story straight from him!

“I believe that even one person can make a significant difference. It may seem impossible at the beginning, but the trick is to simply keep on going – one step after another – no matter what.

I’d never imagined starting a social impact brand all on my own – having zero experience or guidance to learn and do any of what all was required. And while it has been a tough journey so far, it’s only getting more exciting!”

I think it’s best I begin with the name. Only a few know what “Hooman” really means! Most of us have known it to be used for misspelling “human” in pet memes and now may also use it to call someone with affection. Hooman is a Persian word that literally translates to “I have good thoughts, good words, and good deeds.” Basically – good vibes!

Throughout my life, I’ve passionately contributed to and supported as many causes as possible. And while I am creating social enterprises across healthcare, education and waste management, I cannot always make time to actively support each cause. And it’s not just me. There are so many hoomans who want to constantly create awareness for what they stand for and believe in, but just can’t do that all the time.

I see hoomans as a force of good. So, I began wondering… “What if we united hoomans to stand for social causes, environmental issues, shared ideas, good values, positive behaviours, healthy habits and empowering beliefs? What if they led powerful conversations that drive social change? What if they also raised resources and support for amazing NGOs?” 

“But how? And what would we need?”

A sustainable medium of communication. 
The kind that empowers us to effortlessly spread awareness and contribute real impact. What better medium for this than fashion? Sustainable fashion, for causes.

And that’s how Hoomanwear started – India’s 1st ever eco-friendly causewear brand!

Simply #wearyourmovement to create awareness and raise funds for the cause!

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